Ice Cream Mouse Cart SVG cutting file tutorial

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Article by: Samantha Walker

I scream, you scream, little mouse is bringing ice cream!

This little mouse riding his peddled ice-cream cart has a place for hiding treats. Just lift the lid of his little ice cream chest, and you’ve got the perfect place for a candy stash.  This little mouse would make a nice presentation for a gift, or would be cute as a centerpiece, or even a cake topper. Wouldn’t you be the hero of your kiddos birthday if these were the favor boxes!

Ice cream mouse cart SVG digital die cut file from

You can get the Mouse Ice Cream cart design here at, and is available in both SVG and now updated with our DS user friendly SVG for Cricut Explore users. (if you have an older version of it, and need the DS update, just contact us here, and we’ll look up your order and send a link.)

As with all of our updated SVG cut files, this download includes the choice of using a version with cutlines in black or a color version.

Silhouette users: You will want to use the black line version, and import the SVG in the designer version of the software so the lines import as red cutlines. Reference this tutorial on my blog for using it in the Silhouette Studio software. It gives a few great tips for making the mat paper color changes go faster.

Cricut Explore users: you will want to use the version in color that begins with the letters DS in the file name (size in width is listed right after). There are two choices of the color version. One is separated onto two cutting mats, so you will need to open two files; and the second is a one page file layered on top of each other, for those whose software will separate the colors out onto separate mats (like Cricut Explore.)

All other machine users: We try to offer a few different versions of our SVG files to cater to the different software you are using. You may prefer the black line version, you may prefer the DS color version. Choose whichever works best for you. Some may even like using the black line version, but referencing the color version to understand the parts.

Time saving tip: Work with adhesive paper for your color overlays. It will make the paper piecing the mouse go much faster. There are a few different brands of adhesive paper. Silhouette makes one that comes in several colors per pack. It’s adhesive with a removable backing. This paper is specially designed to adhere to the cutting mat so that the removable backing grips instead of slides like some removable backings.

Cut the ice cream cart piece out of white card stock, then set aside.

If your cutting software shows you a corresponding grid where your cuts will align, you can arrange the parts of this file in your software so that they cut in color groups, and then arrange your paper on the mat accordingly.

Tip: If your mat is not new, you may want to tape down the edges of the paper strips to prevent movement when cutting. I do whatever I can to get the longest life out of each cutting mat.

If your software separates your colors onto mats for you (like Cricut Explore DS software), go ahead and follow the cut sequence, for paper color changes on your mat. See our Cricut tutorial for using our files with the DS software at this link here. There is some great information about following cut sequences, changing dotted fold lines to dotted score lines, and clipping layers together so they cut on the same mat. If you are a cricut explore user, that tutorial is essential for first time users of our DS user friendly SVG files.

Now I will show you how to layer the parts on the mouse, simply assemble in the order below:

Now that the mouse is complete, mirror him on the opposite side.

Then we’ll start layering the rest of the pieces on the cart, starting with the wheels.

Now we’ll add the spokes, fender, and hub.

Add the ice cream cone silhouette.

and the ice cream–choose whatever flavor you’d like!

Add the striped awnings–I’m traditional…love the red stripes.

Now crease the main box.

Start attaching sides beginning with the bottom of the cart.

Glue the second side on the bottom of the box, making sure that corners line up.

Now attach the cart freezer door. Be sure to put the glue on the right side. Insert the tab into the top of the cart.

You can choose to have your door hinged on the side with the mouse or the opposite side.

Hold the freezer door in place until the glue is set.

Go to the next side of the cart, and glue both sides.

Now put glue on the flaps of the top of the freezer box. Pinch them into place.

You may want to hold them in place while drying with Clover Wonder Clips. (made for quilting but the come in handy for crafting–especially for holding projects together while gluing!)

Glue the awning roof together. I’m using Tombow mono adhesive it’s a great paper glue that holds paper well without curling it.
 (Please note, I changed the design slightly after assembling this and decided to continue the awning all the way around. You will need to fold down the front awning and attach it to the sides, and find the separate piece of awning to glue to complete the awning all the way around.)
Bring both sides of the mouse together at his back and attach the tab to the other mouse.
Clip it together to hold it together while drying. You may want to add a dot of glue to hold the mouse ears together, but it isn’t necessary.
Note to 8.5×11 format machine users:
This design can also work for your cutting machine too. If you use an 8.5×11 formatted machine like the Silhouette Portrait, you will need to resize it. First you will need to ungroup the design. Then select the main box piece, position the design so that it is straight up and down, and not on a diagonal. Now regroup all of the pieces, then scale the design to 70%. You will then need to rearrange the pieces in your cutting software as they will need to be separated onto a few mats.
Now fill the cart with candy or another special treat.
Hope you enjoyed this project!
Happy Crafting!
Samantha Walker

“Painting” Digital Stamps with dimension

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Shari Butler of Doohikey Designs digital stamp tutorial for

Article by Shari Butler of Doohikey Designs

I’ve made a few of my designs in the store here at, with digital stamp options. So not only will you get the SVG cutting files, but also JPEGS and/or PNG files for printing and making into simulated stamped images. Digital stamps are fun to use and can easily be printed with your home computer and colored with your favorite markers, like Copics. In addition to simply printing them and using them that way, I’d like to share a fast guide on how you can use photoshop (or photoshop elements) to shade your electronic stamps digitally. First you would want to open your digital stamp file in photoshop. They are usually marked “stamp” in the folder, and will end in the PNG or JPEG file extension.

For this project, I’m using my Spring Floral, which you can get here, at

colorizing digital Stamps Step 1

To start, open photoshop then click your magic wand tool from your tool palette.

colorizing digital Stamps Step 1

With the magic wand tool,  you are going to select the areas that you want to be the exact same color. To add areas hold the shift key after each selection. To subtract areas, hold the option key.

colorizing digital Stamps Step 3

Now that these areas are selected, go to your menu bar at the top. Click on Layer  > New Fill Layer > Solid Color.

colorizing digital Stamps Step 4

Click “ok.” This will bring you to a menu where you are able to choose a color, or you can go into the color pantone libraries (if you have them loaded in your software), like I did in the sample below. Now choose your color from there.

colorizing digital Stamps Step 5

I chose a wonderful lush Spring green for the leaves. Click OK. If you decide that isn’t the color you want, you can double click the color in the layer tool and modify it there.

colorizing digital Stamps Step 6

Now let’s add some dimension! Right-click on the new fill color layer you just made and click on blending options.

In the blending options you will Click on Inner Glow > select Normal > adjust the opacity to 37%. I also like to select a contrasting color here or you can change it to white.  Have some fun and play with the settings. Opacity can be bumped up or down to your liking. If you are shading something small, you won’t want the glow to reach across the entire area, if you are doing a larger shape, you may want to extend the glow a little more. Just play until you get the desired look you want. Now we will go to Elements, select softer, click center, size is 81px.  Adjust this to your liking to vary the look until you get what you want.

colorizing digital Stamps Step 7

Now let’s get tricky and add a “colored paper” texture. To do that, from the layer styles box, click Pattern Overlay and modify the following settings:

colorizing digital Stamps Step 8

Pick Color Burn > click arrow and select Artist Surfaces then select Watercolor. You have now completed one color. Now you will repeat the steps to complete the flower.

colorizing digital Stamps Step 9

You will see here how it’s coming together.

colorizing digital Stamps Step 10

Now in this image, I’ve added a few more colors to the digital stamp. To add the same effects to the other colors it’s as simple as copying your layer style then pasting it to the other layers. To do that right click on the layer you want to copy the style from, then select “copy layer style” from the menu. Now click the layer you want to add this style to, right click that layer then select “paste layer style.” Once you get your layer style set up the way you like, copying and pasting layer styles makes this process really quick.

colorizing digital Stamps Step 11

I like to go one step further and do a color overlay over the black lines. Once again, I go to my layer style palette, and I opt for brown here and I changed the opacity to 77%. I also did the Pattern Overlay from the previous steps, choosing watercolor texture from the Artist Surfaces.

colorizing digital Stamps Step 12

And now the Spring Floral is ready to be printed, cut and added to any craft you have in mind. It’s easy to color your digital stamps with your computer.  Happy Creating!

You can find Shari’s designs in our store at this link here. Most of Shari’s designs include not only the SVG cuttables, but digital stamp versions of the cuts as well.

NEW feature! Add YOUR project photos!


Calling All Creative Gurus!

(Yes, that’s you!)

We’d love to share the projects you’ve made with our downloads to inspire our users…and give you the credit. After all…we’ve noticed that it’s after you add your creative touch to our designs, that they really start to sing! 

cake SVG cut files

These Project photos by digiplayground customers: Marietta Tisdale, and Barbara Briggs Tuley. SVG file used: 3 Tier Birthday Cake Tealight holder designed by Jamie Cripps.

We’d love to see what you are creating with our SVG cutting files, whether you use a Cricut, Silhouette, Pazzles, or any other personal electronic cutting machine. We know that you have creative flair, and our users will appreciate seeing what others are doing to inspire them. If you are using our printables, digital stamps, or sewing patterns in a unique way, we want to see that too! We’ll be adding more to those sections of the store very soon. 

We’ve made it super easy to share your projects with our NEW project uploads section. When you are logged in to, the upload interface will appear below any product image on it’s details page. Just scroll down a bit…you’ll see it–if you don’t…simply log in, then it will appear.

Make sure you upload your project photos to the correct products, because this is also where your photos will appear. When people shop for those designs, they will also see all the projects uploaded by our community members.  This will be a great way for our users to inspire each other. Your name (if you wish) will also be posted with your project, to make sure you get the credit. 

This is what the interface looks like:

Please note: this form is not active here, you’ll need to click on a product listing to use the form.

It’s easy to use, so share as often as you’d like–we won’t limit you.

You can even take pictures with your phone then upload them. Make sure your lighting is good so we can see your beautiful creations. Complete rules can be found in the link in the project upload interface. Can’t wait to see what you create, I know our community here will be excited to see your projects too!

Project Photo Uploading Rules

1. Projects must be your own creations and must not infringe on others copywrite.

2.Projects must prominently feature designs from the store. They must also be uploaded to the correct design in the store.

3. Submit crafts you are proud of that you know will inspire others.

4. No dark photos.

5. No blurry out-of-focus photos.

6. No pixelated photos

7. No no advertising, or blatant promotions.

8. No photos of an inappropriate nature. No nudity, profanity, no drug paraphernalia, or anything that is deemed extreme and/or in bad taste.

9. Photos must be Jpeg images, no larger than 600×600 pixels.

10. You give digiplayground the right to use your photo on the website, blog or digiplayground advertising.

11. Have fun!