Cow Gable Box Rhonda Emery


Hi guys!  Rhonda with you today sharing this super cute gable box, the cow
We will be using these for an upcoming BBQ party for either take home boxes with food or other favors!
For more info visit and don’t forget 
to go get your file for the gable box

Tri-Shutter Card and file organization by Melissa

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Hi Digi-Playgrounders,

I was so excited to share today’s card with you… that is until I couldn’t get a good photo.  I’m supposed to be living in the sunshine state and every time I thought I could get a good picture, the clouds rolled and and the rain started coming.  I finally just have to say, I’m sorry I don’t have a great photo but I still like the card.

I am using 3 files by Jamie Cripps.  First, the base is the Leaf Tri-Shutter card however, I omitted the leaf front focal point.  Instead, I used the 3D Scalloped Circle Flower card which doesn’t look quite like how Jamie’s looks – but I like it’s open, loosey-goosey look.

And then omitted one of the inside panels and used Thank You phrase for my sentiment on the inside.  I created this card to send to one of the Mom’s that chaperoned my daughter while at dance camp a couple of weeks ago.  I hope she likes it.

Now, I also mentioned we’re going to talk a little bit about organization.  Everyone has their methods of storing everything… from their kitchen spices to their sequins.  Well, what about their svg cut files?

Here’s the method to my organization.

Step 1 – purchase your files

Step 2 – Download your purchases… but before you finish this step…

Step 3 – When you’re at the {below} window, don’t click on the Downloads folder.  This was my mistake, I’d click here and all was lost for me.   Here’s where I clicked on Pictures and created a file called SVGs.  Then within that, I created a file for the company and within that, a file for each designer.  Now that last one might not be as important to you as it is to me.   Now you can click on Save.

This is how I keep track of all my SVG files.  Now I know I purchased a cute cut file from Digi-Playground – I simply go to that file, unzip all the goodies and I’m ready to play!

I hope that helps you with your organization, too.

Wedding Cake by Els Schutte


Wedding Cake
Cut out this file “3D Three Tier Birthday Cake Tealight
This is what it look like
Glue all the boxes together.
Glue the boxes on top off each other.
Now you can start decorating….
I used: Pearls, pearlpen,Roses, and Bride and groom.
– Els

US Map Canvas by Nicole


It’s Nicole here today to share my version of the Linen Map by Shari Butler (Doohikey Designs).  I noticed this in the store right away and decided to make my own version but with paper.  Shari includes with the download wonderful instructions and pictures and I was able to easily make my own version.
I started by printing the map outlines and roughly cutting them apart.  
As you can see the map outlines are backwards.  I used Helmar Acid Free Glue and glued the outlines on the back of pattern paper.  
Using a pair of scissors I carefully cut out each state.  
Shari included a template for state placement.  It’s two 8.5 x 11 pages.
  I printed this out and then cut out the main template slightly smaller than the outside states.  Thereby when I glued on the states the template would be hidden by the overhang of the states.  
This project takes time so hopefully you have a favorite TV series you need to catch up.   I binge watched NCIS on Netflix 😉  For me the result was well worth the effort.    
I finished the project off by painting an 11 x 14 canvas black and glued the finished map to the top.  
I added the finished canvas to the growing gallery wall that hangs above my craft desk.  
Thanks so much for stopping by the blog today.  
Happy Crafting, Nicole
Digiplayground product used in this post:


Crown Card by Anita


My son is getting married in October and his fiances shower is this weekend and we are having a princess theme.  They are going to Disney for the first week on their honeymoon and she loves everything related to Disney Princesses.  When I saw Samantha Walker’s new cut file in the Digi Playground Store I knew that I had to get it to make a quick card to go along with one of her gifts.  Here is a link directly to the cut file.
I absolutely love that you can get the SVG files in color which makes the layers so much easier to see.  I took the crown and ungrouped the layers as I wanted the top part popped up and glittery to give it some sparkle.
Once I had them separated I moved it around on my mat to conserve paper.  This card worked up so quickly and other than the glitter paper I chose to leave it unadorned.  I think she will love it.


Tealight Birthday Cake in a Box by Tammy


I am so glad that you decided to join me here at the Digi Playground because today we are going to celebrate! 

Can you guess why we are going to celebrate? It’s my birthday (or close to it), so today I am going to mix things up a bit and create a cake my way.
Tammy here from Not Just Paper and Glue and today I am going to combination several files that I really love to create a one of a kind Tealight Birthday cake.


In this project I wanted to create a single layer birthday cake but I wanted it to have a scalloped edge and roses rather than the ric rack trim and flowers that are included in the 3d Birthday Cake file.

Watch how I added my touch to this already cute Tealight Cake.

Thank you for stopping by today to help me celebrate. As always, if you have any questions about this tutorial, make sure to ask in the comments or head on over to the Digi Playground Facebook group and join in the conversation and fun!

Digi Playground Files Used:

3D Birthday Cake Tealight Holder
2-Tier Birthday Cake Tealight holder
3d rolled rose flower
 Round Leaves Border SVG PNG
3D Character Tealight Holder Box
3D Banner Straight

Tealight Bees by Els Schutte


Good Morning!  Els is with us today sharing this gorgeous Bees Papercut Lantern!
She cut out the light holder with her machine then glued the end together.  Once you have the lantern assembled, place your tealight in!
You can decorate the lantern any way you want, you could even place vellum inside too!  Els decorated hers by adding in some Bumble Bees!
Be sure to check out Els‘ blog to see more of her creations!