Cricut DS Tutorial: Using our SVG files


SVG file Bendy card boxWe will be using the SVG cutting file pictured above as our example in this tutorial. You can find this design in our store by clicking on the picture or by clicking on this link here.

New to using our SVG files with your Cricut Design Space software?

We can help and show you lots of screen shots too! Don’t be afraid of the multiple steps. They are fast and easy to do, and have great purpose behind them allowing you to utilize all the features of your Cricut Explore machine–like the score feature. We’ll also show you what happens when you encounter a file that exceeds the 12×12 mat space–it’s not a worry. We explain the whole process in detail to make future use of files a piece of cake.

Most of our SVG cutting files are adapted for Cricut Explore Design Space users. You can find them easily in the store when you see these compatibility logos on the design’s detail page (see logos below.) You will need to use the file that is labeled with the letters “DS” in the file name–signifying Design Space. A few of our older files have not been converted for Cricut Explore. There will not be a color version of the file labeled with “DS.” Don’t worry if you come across such a file. We are happy to convert them free of charge. You simply need to request the conversion through our contact us formSVG files compatible with Cricut Explore1. How to upload your SVG file to your Design Space software. SVG cutting files are vector files; so you will need to select vector upload. Clicking that will bring you to a screen where you can browse from files on your computer. step a step b

digiplayground Cricut Design Space Conversion filesLook for the file labeled with DS SVG file from your unzipped digiplayground download folder. (Please note, sometimes more than one file is required to make a design, so you may need to import multiple files. A designer may include options that have all the pieces in one SVG file, or the option to open multiple files.) Once the design has been uploaded, it will then appear in your Cricut DS image library. Incidentally, it will also stay in your Cricut Design Space library once uploaded unless you delete it. So even if you aren’t planning on using a file the day you download it, you might as well import it into Cricut DS as there is a nice visual library there to make it easy to see all of your files. See images to insert SVG images cricut explore2. How to ungroup your SVG file in Cricut DS software. First you must ungroup your file. This will allow you to select each shape or layer independently. To ungroup, select the uploaded file on your screen (hint: it will already be selected upon opening.) You will know if it is selected if it is surrounded by a grey selection box, and has a red circle with an “x” in it. (clicking this “x” would delete the file from the screen.) Once your file is selected, click on the “ungroup” button found at the bottom of the layers palette on the lower right-hand side. See below.
Ungrouping SVG files Cricut Design space3. How to turn any dotted cut fold lines into score lines in the Cricut DS software. To do this, you will need to select the fold lines. You can do this one of two ways. The easiest way is to find the fold lines in the layers palette and click on them. They are easy to spot in the layers palette because they do not have a large block color showing. If you prefer, you could select the fold lines from the design screen by clicking on the actual fold lines. You will know if you selected the right layer, as it will highlight in grey in the layers palette.

In the fold lines layer, click on the scissors symbol and it will bring up a fly-out menu that will allow you to change the dashed fold lines from cut lines into score lines. To do this, click on the score symbol at the top of the fly-out menu to change the cut fold line. See below.Cricut-DS-SVG-Change-cut-to-score24. A note on converting cut lines into score-lines for multiple shapes in Cricut DS. If one of our files includes two or more shapes that have score lines, our score lines will be in separate group layers for each object. So in this example, you will need to select the dashed fold lines for the second shape as well and convert to score lines in the same way described in the step above. Cricut-DS-SVG-Change-cut-to-score5. How to attach the score lines to their corresponding shape below in Cricut DS software. Please note that we group this way so that once the lines are attached to their shape below, they can be selected and moved independently of other shapes. Why is this important? It allows you to cut them out of different colors should you wish. We want you to have the most control over your creativity. To attach the score lines, select both the shape and it’s corresponding set of score lines from the layers palette. You can select multiple layers by clicking on your first layer in the layers palette, then while holding the CONTROL key (PC) or COMMAND key (Mac) you can continue selecting layers. (If it is not selecting, you are not clicking on the right part of the layer palette. Make sure you are clicking on the part that has the thumbnail and the symbol of why type of layer it is. If you click on the name, it will not select that layer.) Once you have the two (or more) layers selected that you would like to attach, click on the “ATTACH” symbol at the top of the layers palette. This will ensure that your score lines and object below cut on the same mat. Otherwise, the DS software will separate the score lines onto a separate mat.

Hint: Before you move any of your pieces (should you need to) you will need to attach the corresponding score lines to their shape they belong to below. Cricut DS Attaching multiple layers6. How to arrange your layers in Cricut DS software. After you attach your score lines, you may notice that the attached object covers up some of the other objects in your design. No worries, the objects are still there, and incidentally, they would also show up on your cutting mats when you send the design to your cutter. However, if you would like to see that they are still there, you can simply arrange your design to reveal all the pieces once again. To do this, select the object that is in the front, then click on the ARRANGE menu found at the top of the design screen. Select move to the back, and your hidden pieces will appear again. Cricut DS using SVG files7. Attach the other corresponding objects to their score lines. After you attach the first set of score lines to their corresponding shape below, attach any additional shapes to their score lines. See below. Rearrange layers as necessary (explained in the step above.)Cricut-DS-SVG-attach-score-lines28. How to send a file to cut on your Cricut Explore in the Design Space software. It is easy to send an SVG file over to cut on your Cricut once you’ve converted any cut lines to score lines and attached your corresponding layers. Simply click on the Cricut symbol in the green circle that says “Go.” This is found in the top menu bar above your design.

Once you do, the Cricut Design Space software will separate your design onto different mats according to paper color. It will automatically arrange your shapes in the most efficient way–saving you paper. See the three screen shots below, and be sure to read our important note about how the Cricut DS software arranges objects on cutting mats.

Important Note about overlapping objects: You may have noticed that this particular design had overlapping objects. We did not have to move those objects for Cricut DS software to understand that it shouldn’t cut over the top of the other blue objects that are overlapping. Cricut DS automatically spaced them perfectly on the blue sheet with no overlaps. Also, notice that both of the green objects take up more space than 1 sheet of 12×12 paper. Cricut DS detected that there wasn’t enough room to cut both of those on one 12×12 paper. So the Cricut DS software automatically divided the green pieces onto two mats with green paper. Notice how the score lines and cut lines are on their correct mats too. You are ready to start cutting. Cool!Cricut-DS-Tutorial-Using-SVG-files-3 Cricut-DS-Tutorial-Using-SVG-files-2Cricut Designs Space sending SVG to cutImportant note about files larger than Cricut’s 11.5 x 11.5 inch limit: On occasion, you may encounter files that are larger than Cricut’s 11.5 inch max cutting area for a 12×12 mat. When you import such a file, Cricut may warn you that the file you opened requires a 12×24 inch mat, or that it exceeds Cricut’s cutting area. Don’t be alarmed. We realize that most Cricut users cut on a 12×12 inch mat all the time. In the rare instance that one of our files requires a 12×24 mat, we will let you know on the product detail page so you will know before you purchase the design that a larger mat is necessary. The other times, the objects within the cutting file are less than 11.5 inches each, but they may be spread out so that they take up more than what would fit on a 12×12 mat. The example above would have been larger than the 11.5 limit had we not overlapped it.

The example below is a different way that you may find our files arranged. In this example, you will notice that the all of the pieces in the file exceed 11.5 inches in height. We did not want to create multiple files for this design, because it can be cumbersome to have to open up lots of files when working with one design. Cricut-DS-exceeds-cutting-area You will be happy to see that after you convert and attach your score lines, then press “GO,” the DS software will automatically arrange the pieces onto individual 12×12 mats with the corresponding paper colors. See below. cricut-mat-separationHere is another file (below) that is way bigger than the 12×12 mat area on the screen. exceeds-cutting-areaBut don’t worry, Cricut takes care of it for you! After converting and attaching the score lines…press “GO” and presto! Cricut separates all the parts out for you perfectly on individual 12×12 mats. Cricut-DS-Design-too-bigWhat if you still get an error message that the file is too big…Occasionally, an SVG file will open at an ever so slightly different size prompting the “larger than cutting area” warning. For example a file that we design at 11.5 inches wide may open at 11.51 inches wide…prompting the error message. In this instance, you would need to SELECT ALL, and  go to your edit menu (found in the side panel see tabs at top, EDIT is next to LAYERS.) Once in the edit screen, make sure that the width and height are locked.  Then you can change the width so that it is no larger than 11.5. Most of our Cricut DS files have the native width listed in the file name. It is the number after the DS followed by the “w” that signifies that it’s a width measurement. For example, the above file is named:


17.25w means this file should open at 17.25 inches wide. However, the DS software actually imported it at 17.26 inches wide. If this had any piece that was exactly 11.5 inches in any direction, it would have prompted the warning that the file is too big to cut, or requires a larger mat when truly it doesn’t. The size just needs to be altered–just remember to do it proportionately.

We invite all Cricut Explore users to use our files and hope you enjoy our SVG files specifically designed for cutting software that recognizes layers.

Thanks for visiting our blog today! Happy Cutting!


Bee Noted by Agnes


Another sweet and short slideshow for my tutorial post today.
i used the bee lantern from nic squirrel from the digi playground and made a pretty notebook that can be used for notes, planning, pics, inspiration, reminders and a lot more.
hope you enjoy it.
Be Noted
-a slideshow tutorial-

to see the bee lantern svg in the digi playground store, please click here.
there is a few items with the bee and hives motif. they are all very pretty. hard to choose but they are very inexpensive and you can get them all for a great price.
any questions, please do not hesitate to contact any of us.
and as always,
thanks for stopping by!

Thank you party favors by Nicole


Hey everyone, Nicole here today.  I have some thank you boxes to share with you.  These would be fun to put together for favors at the end of a party, or even just a small token of thanks for someone special in your life.  The cut file is by Jamie and is called the Flower petal box.  It comes in two different sizes and I used the smaller size.
These could easily be changed to fit any color scheme just by changing up the color of the flower on top, the card stock of the box, or even a little baker’s twine instead of rope.  
I started by cutting the box from pearl finished card stock.  
Fold box together by folding on score lines and folding flap into cut out.   Next I used a hole punch and added a hole to the middle of the top flaps.  Cut a length of hemp rope to thread through hole.  
I now started on cutting out the flower embellishments.  
Use a skewer to add texture to the petals.  
Glue the layers of the flower together and finish off by adding the leaves to the bottom.  
I created my own tags in Photoshop and printed them in brown.  
Once cut out I glued the flowers to the top of the tags and then tied them to the top of the boxes.  
Here is another look at the finished boxes.  I love the colors and how cute they look all lined up.  I’m totally one of those geeky party planners that take pleasure in all the little details 😉
Thanks for stopping by the blog today.  Happy Crafting, Nicole files used:
Card stock from

Double Organizer by Els Schutte


I cut out the organizer with three shelves twice so I made a double one, gluing the two together so I would have storage on both sides!
Here are my steps:











You can find this file here: organizer stand with three shelves

– Els Schutte

Pretty Card Made in Minutes by Melissa Craig


Hello Digi-Playgrounders,
I don’t know about you, but it always seems that the first week of school is the busiest for the mom/dad than it is for the student.  I’m glad my kids went back to school this week, but sheesh, I have more homework then they do just filling out all the paperwork.
With our busy schedules, we still want to take a few minutes to create something beautiful and personal for our friends or loved ones.  That’s why I really love all the card possibilities in the Digi-Playground store.  Today I’m featuring Scallop Circle Out Flower A2 Card by Jamie Cripps.
I pulled out some really old paper from a scrapbooking kit by Stampin’ Up! to create my card.  These cards are so easy and so lovely!  They just take a couple of minutes to cut out and assemble very easily.  The base is cut to 4 1/4 x 11 and scored at 5 1/2 for a top folding card.  I just cut an extra layer of decorative paper to mat the scallop on.  Then I adhered the petals cut from the same decorative paper.  I inked the edges of the inside flowers and added a brad to the center and then adhered using a pop-dot.  My card was finished in about 15 minutes – how’s that for a time saver.
Thank you for joining me today and please, I’d love for you to visit my blog.



hello all,

today i am sharing the cutest svg frog. i put her on the front of a milk carton.
i had made something similar in the past and since halloween is around the corner, can you believe it? so here it is.
here is 
i cut her around 2-1/2″ wide and 2-1/4″ tall.
look at those eyelashes. i am in love with them.
 i wish i had eyelashes like that. lol.
-this digi playground svg comes in different formats for different electronic die cutters but you do not even need a die cutter to make ella. she also comes in a printable format you can cut then with your scissors. yeap! isn’t great?
the milk carton is from a cricut cart.
and the paper is an oldie fav of mine. i think is from my mind’s eye.
the eyes are on two sides of the container.
and this is the top done with some scraps from my stash.
i think this is a cute project for your halloween party, if you celebrate halloween, that is. if not, the frog is cute enough for any paper crafting project.
Ella the Frog
 have fun with ella, the frog who drank the milk for halloween, lol
excuse the silliness, but i really love that frog.
see you next time…
oh…ella has been linked to the digiplayground store. just click on her pic or name.
thanks a bunch for stopping by!

3D Retro TV Tutorial by Rhonda Emery


 3-d retro tv box file at Lets get started by cutting all pieces out.
 I print and cut out a retro tv ad for the screen on tv.
 this is how looks when glued in and box together now finish off with rest of pieces.
Finished tv more pictures and info on my blog