If it’s immobile, foil it! by Melissa Craig


Hello friends!  Melissa here and if you remember my last post about foiling and daily discussions with myself about not going off the foil deep end.  Well, I lost.  I’m hooked!  I bought a laminator and we’ve been getting to know one another.

The card above uses Jamie Cripps’ Happy Birthday Card Two Ways and her flower that can be found on the 3D Sliding Bow Box,  I cut the sentiment from Heidi Swapp’s toner sheets.  It cut beautifully from the Cameo, but didn’t foil perfectly with my laminator.  It may be that I didn’t have hot enough, the foil was from the WRMK Heatwave pen and it may be below average or because Heidi Swapp’s toner paper must be exclusively designed to be used only in the Minc machine.  I’m not unhappy with the results – and my sister is going to love it.

This card is Jamie Cripps’ Wishing You Well A2 card.  This time I used Silhouette’s Double Sided Adhesive sheets.  I cut the sentiment out from that and it worked really well.  I just had a hard time getting the side of the release paper off that I wanted off.  But this technique is no-heat required and works really well.

Lastly, here is Jamie Cripps’ 3D Haunted House gift box and a couple of ghosts from various other files by Jamie.  So I didn’t do much foiling on this one, but if you look closely, you can see the ghost coming out the center window.  I used Self-Adhesive Vellum that I picked up at Michaels, it’s their Recollections brand and it cut very well in the Silhouette.  Take a look at the ghost at the top, I adhered another ghost on the back so it would cover up the sticky part.  Well, dummy me, I didn’t think to do mirror image, so it doesn’t quite match up but it left sticky eyes/mouth openings on the front so I used Ranger Foil (Vintage) to fill those in.  I love the look!

Now, this photos are on the darker side and not what I really like, but honestly, it’s the best way to pick up the foil.

I hope you like my projects and they inspire you.  If you’d like a closer look, please visit my blog here.

15 Count Divided Box Rhonda Emery


Need a useful box. This is it! The 15 count divided box. I find it useful for my homemade embellishment bottle caps also added the word art on top of box when you love what you have you have everything you need. Could easily be stacked and labeled for easy to find embellishments. To find out more info go to my blog www.scraphappenswithrhonda.blogspot.com 
To get this file for the box go to www.digiplayground.com

Halloween Bendi Card by Els


Halloween Bendi Card with Fence
Made by Els Schutte
Print the SVG file nr. SW DS 5.5 w
For the house I used the Tim Holtz Die rickety house
Stamps are the crazy birdstamps also from Tim  and the images I took from the internet.
Glue one tab on the left and the fence on the right
Put some yellow paper behind the house and ink it, put a 
lamp close to the house…..
Now decorate it like you want!
Ready Happy Halloween!

Magpie Lace Card Tutorial



New this week! I just uploaded a card that features a lacey magpie. It’s super simple to make. It’s just two pieces of paper, and lots of intricate cut work. The card fits in an A2 envelope.

Here’s a link to it in the store. It includes two additional versions of the card…one that is simplified, and one that is even more simplified…see variations below:Magpie-card-SVG-file

The card above is the most simple of the three versions and has several of the smaller wing feathers removed. The magpie card below still has most of the wing feathers but some have been enlarged.Magpie-card2-SVG-file


You will need one sheet of Navy Cardstock and 1 sheet of Vellum or other contrasting card stock or specialty paper.


Choose wether you want to use the original magpie lace card file, the SIMPLE magpie lace card, or the Most SIMPLE magpie lace card. Some people may not have a sharp blade in their machine…if that is you…choose the MOST SIMPLE version. If you are using a new blade, and feel confident, go ahead and use the original file.

One you make that selection, cut out the two pieces.


Now use a good paper glue and glue all the way around the back side of the card front. Add additional glue in the center of the bird, and any other areas that you may be concerned that might “lift.”


Carefully place the velum then press it onto the glued side of the card.Folding-A2-card-s

Once the glue is dry, fold the card. Use a straight edge. Line up the straight edge with your dashed score or cut lines, then fold the back side toward the front. Then crease.

If you are a Cricut Explore DS user, you might find the following instructions helpful:


If you are using a Cricut Explore, you will first need to convert your dashed cut lines to score lines.


Then attach your score line to the card layer below so they cut/score on the same mat.


Select the “go” button, and your DS software will show you that you have two cutting mats for this project…the blue card stock mat (make sure you see your score and cut lines on this layer) and your velum mat. You could use a contrasting card stock if you wish instead.


3D Pumpkin Advent Calendar by Rhonda


Time to get started on this fun 3-d advent calendar so you will have it done in time for the first day of oct. How fun for the kids to countdown with this fun calendar. I added wire and use clothes pins to hold the pieces of calendar Used one of my old window frames looks great in my room. Hope you hop over to www.digiplayground.com to get started today. thanks for stopping by.

A Touch of Gold by Melissa Craig


Hello everyone!  Melissa here and I have a really easy card to share with you today.  I am featuring Hello Bird 7×5 papercut card by Nic Squirrell.  These cards are so super easy to put together.  You simply cut and adhere the inside piece behind the front and that’s it!

But I had to embellish a little bit more.  Foiling is all the rage right now.  And believe me when I say it’s a daily talkin’ to that I have to give myself to not run right now and buy a Minc and all the pretty foils and a laser printer.  But for my birthday, I gave myself a Heatwave Pen by WR Memory Keepers.  It was really fun using the pen and foil to highlight some details on the card.  I think it adds the perfect, shiny touch.

Have a wonderful day and please head over to my blog if you’d like to hear my thoughts on the Heatwave pen and foiling in general. – Melissa

Castle Bendi Card Instructions


castle bendi cardA new SVG file arrived in the digiplayground.com store this week! This castle bendi card is easy to create and can be cut with Cricut Explore, or any other digital cutting machine that can use SVG files.

I’ll walk you through the easy assembly steps for this fun bendi (bendy) card. You will need to cut all the pieces out in your choice of colors (cricut users, see bottom of tutorial for specific Design Space instructions.) Paper choice is where your creative juices can really take over this project. My example is relatively simple…but I want you to feel free to embellish yours how you wish. A Pink castle would be really cute for a girl…Silver glitter paper would add a special sparkle if you wish…a blue castle might look like something from the Disney movie Frozen…can’t wait to see what you create! You can share your projects right here on our website, details can be found here: http://digiplayground.com/blog/category/your-project-photos/

Now for the basic instructions…castle-bendi-card-tutorial-5

Layer the front (that has the doors windows and brick cut-outs) over the solid backing of the same size. Attach the castle iron door with glue. (not shown in this picture.)


Attach this front piece to the back piece by wrapping the tab around the backside of the card and fixing with adhesive.


Glue the castle shape to the back card piece so that it exposes the slot on the right side as shown. Add the contrasting roof and castle details.


Now we will work on the front piece. Attach the fence piece to the front bendy card section. Attach the grass sections in front of the fencing.

Assembly tutorial Castle bendy card

Here’s what it looks like when the card is flat. You can send it flat, or you can send it in a bendy card box, also found in our store. Here’s one bendy card box option. Here’s another.

To make the card 3D insert the tabs into the corresponding slots.

Now for special instructions for Cricut Explore users…Screen shots here show you what you will see when you open the file in your Cricut Design Space software.

SVG tutorial Cricut Design Space

First, you will need to upload the file as a vector image. If you need help with this step, please see our thorough Cricut tutorial for using our SVG files. Once the file has been uploaded into the DS software, you will need to UNGROUP the file (find it in the bottom right.) Then find one of the dashed fold-line layers. Select that layer.SW-DS-Castle-bendi-card2

Once one of the dashed fold line layers is selected, click on the little scissors symbol. It will open the line type dialog box. SW-DS-Castle-bendi-card3

You will then need to select the “SCORE” option. This will turn your dashed cut line into a score line. We want to make sure that you can utilize the unique features of your machine, so our dashed fold lines will always be in a separate layer to allow you to do so.


You will then need to make sure that your newly created score lines will score on the same mat as your corresponding cut lines. To do this, select the score lines, and their corresponding shape below, and then click the attach symbol. (for more detail on this step, see the detailed cricut tutorial mentioned above.)


You will know if you attached them if they show up as an “attached set” as shown above.

There is one other set of dashed fold lines that need to be converted to score lines for this file. Find them and repeat the steps above. Please note that in our SVG files, dashed fold lines are separated per object to allow you to cut in different colors of paper–giving you maximum creativity.


You may notice that attaching layers will change the layer order…no worries. This won’t effect the cutting mat arrangements. However, if you wish to see the items below, you can simply rearrange the layers by clicking the layer you wish to move, then clicking on the “ARRANGE” icon found in the top bar of the DS software.


After you rearrange your layers, your file will look like the one above. Now click “GO” and you will be brought to the screen shown below.SW-DS-Castle-bendi-card8Notice how cricut broke up your cutting mats for you. They also arranged each of the shapes of the same color in the most efficient way to save you paper!

This may seem like a lot of steps, but it took less than 1 minute to do this, and it is definitely worth the extra time to utilize your score feature.

Don’t forget to share your projects with us in our Facebook Gallery or right here in our store. We LOVE seeing what you do with our files!