Mouse Cart- Dimensional Paper Crafting with Agnes


hello all,
agnes here to share with you a 3d project i made with a samantha walker digital file and it turned out super adorable and i know you are going to love it.
please know this is a photo heavy post. 
i wanted to capture all sides and details.
int this pic you see where i will stationing my mouse cart. it will stay there for a while. it looks really nice and the colors match with the background, 😀
i used my cricut explore and its software to open and cut the file.
the mat i used is a 12×12 but the software will say you need a 12×24 but do not pay attention. it cuts just fine on the 12×12.
NOTE one of the canopy sections is not attached just yet but the entire cart base is. you will attach that layer later on. it makes it easier not being attached at this point.
(sorry about this pic, it was a bit cloudy when taken)


here i am showing the left side and right side of its face.
adorable, isn’t it?
the patterned papers i used are from mme: away we go collection (6×6)
 these pics are showing left and right sides again.
see those diminutive parts of the bike. well, they cut perfect. 
check the size of the pedal, it is actually two to pieces, lol. 
  you won’t be able to attach both parts completely but do not worry because that is how it was designed. 
i recommend a good strong adhesive and for the base a nice thick cardstock.
i added some extra details:  stamped a subtle pattern on shirt, edge of papers were inked for more definition, some wet embossing on the ice cream and on the tiny round parts on the wheels. 
like it, huh? i think they can be great for a birthday party decoration, as favors filled with candy, as a gift box and who knows what else you can think of i am not.
3D mouse-cart Box
the mouse cart has been linked to their store, if interested.
thanks for stopping by!

Puppy Love by Melissa Craig


Hi, Melissa here sharing a Valentine’s Day treat that I’m making for my teacher friend of my sister’s.  She teaches ECE (Early Child Education), so this treat needs to be 3-4 year old friendly.  Mastiff Hug gift card holder by Jennifer Rush was perfect for this!
Saturday is tutorial day, but I can’t improve upon Jennifer’s assembly tutorial of this sweet gift card holder, so instead, I’m bringing you an idea.  This goes together pretty easily and I didn’t embellish because I didn’t want choking hazards.
I did size this down so that the main piece plus the main face piece fit on an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of card stock.  The part that creates the pocket has a fold to enclose a gift card.  I removed that part so all I had left was a pocket.  I tucked in the arms and then glued the heart down.  I think when I move into mass production mode, I will at least get some red glitter paper for the heart.  I did fill in the eyes with glossy accents.  I also think I’ll ink the edges a bit with some Oatmeal Cookie ink by Fun Stampers Journey.
Jennifer has so many cute puppies, please be sure to visit DigiPlayground and grab a whole kennel collection!  And I’d love for you to stop by my blog for a visit.

XOXO Table Runner by Anita


You know when you are touched by kindness that you didn’t expect but were so grateful to receive?  I received a message from Samantha Walker who knows how much I love to sew and quilt offering to send me some of her lovely Riley Blake fabric.  I received a gorgeous box of amazing fabric and for my tutorial for today I chose to use a Doohikey Designs pattern which you can find in the Digi Playground store.  
I love using my Silhouette to cut out fabric with fusible web on the back and then use simple applique on my sewing machine.  
1.  The pattern gives dimensions for you to cut for the pieces but I opted to make my pieces 6X6″ so that I could fit four on my mat.  I used a Cricut Strong Grip mat which I only use for fabric.  
2.  I cut the fusible interfacing 1/4″ smaller than the 6×6″ square so that I don’t get any of the fusible goo on my iron and ironing board.  
3.  Iron the fusible interfacing onto the back of the fabric squares.
4.  After cool peel off the paper and stick the fabric square down on your mat.
5.  Use a brayer to make sure that the fabric will not move when you are cutting it.
6.  Use a Silhouette Fabric Blade in your machine and I use the cutting selection for fabric and always have it double cut.  
7.  Check your cut before you take your mat out of your machine and cut again if necessary.


With this pattern you always have the option to cut the templates out of paper and trace them onto your paper backed fusible web.  I would then iron the paper web onto the back of your fabric square and cut it out on your pencil line.
8.  Carefully take your fabric pieces off your mat.  You might have to snip a few threads so have a sharp pair of scissors handy.
9.  Iron your pieces following the pattern onto the background pieces you have cut according to the pattern directions.
10.  I used a blanket stitch on my machine with matching thread to applique my pieces down.  You can see them laid out ready to be stitched above.
11.  Assemble the table runner and quilt and bind as desired.  I machine quilted mine using a paper quilting template of roses.
Table runners are such an elegant gift and brighten any room and don’t take very much fabric or effort.  Be sure to share with  us if you try this one.


Easy Notecards by Melissa

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Hello!  Yep, that’s my theme for today.  Melissa here with some really easy, super quick notecards with an ombre flair.
My card features Nested Stitched Edge Squares by Sarah Hurley and Perfect Susan font by Samantha Walker.  I did stretch the square into a rectangle.  Then in the Silhouette software, I used the text tool to write my sentiment.  I sized it to fill the mat with a nice border around it, welded it together and then cut.
I then used Peacock Feathers Distress Ink by Ranger and an ink blending tool to color the base of my card in an ombre affect and then layered the mat over it.
I then did the same inking on the positive letters and created this card, too.
Two cards – one cut!  Love the double duty.  I now have 2 notecards ready to be written in and sent to a friend.
Thank you for letting my share my notecards with you today, I do hope you’re feeling inspired to create those general greetings to have in your stash.  These cards are easy to make and still lets the recipient know you were really thinking about them.
Have a great day!  If you’d like to visit me at my blog, you can find it here.

Valentine’s Day Stacking Boxes Mini Cards Kit Set by Agnes


hello crafters,
this is agnes with a mini tutorial for a mini card kit set.
many variations can be used: candy, jewelry, love notes, love coupons…)
 these stacking boxes from carina gardner, 
stacking sliding boxes
this puckered bow from jamie cripps,
Set of 4 Puckered Bows
the envelope from the penny slider card from samantha walker.
A2 Penny Slider Bike Card
i re-sized all elements except the stacking boxes.
i used the cricut explore and its design space software for this project.
 these svg’s come in different formats for different machines and some you can even cut by hand and or print and cut.
Note: the score lines on them need to be attached. to do this, simply select the item in question, right click and click on attach. if all the images are grouped, un-group them first by right clicking and clicking un-group, then right click again and click on attach.
how i did it:
#1- all elements were cut and scored
#2- box assembly
#3- box cover/bow assembly (i used mini glue dots for the bow assembly)
#4- mini cards assembly (cards were cut at 4″wide x 3″tall and scored at 2″)
#5- mini cards and mini envelope (envelopes were cut at 3.9″wide x 5.25″high and scored where applicable)
#6- cards presentation
(note: the small hearts are from a martha stewart paper punch)
#7- inside stacking boxes (hearts, twine and mini cards)
#8- finished project
#9- another view
#10- another view
Note: the mini cards front were covered with patterned paper.
and this is it:
-awesome assemble for valentine’s day or an everyday thinking of you set-
any questions???
please, leave them in the comments section and one of us will get back to you asap.
thanks again for stopping by and i hope you have a great day!

My love for you grows by Rhonda


Thank you for stopping by and since it is getting close to valentines day and today is my last post I thought I would make this adorable fish card from It is super easy to put together and is great for valentines day or any other occasion you wish. I want to thank digi playground for having me on the design team my 6mo term is up and I feel that it would be right for someone else to give it a try. So as soon as you see the dt call try out for the team. Very kind and nice ladies. thank you all. To see this go to my blog

A Watercolor Background Bubble Love Card by Agnes


welcome to the digi playground blog.

this is agnes and i
hope you had fun celebrating the new year.we  stayed home, watched netflix until midnight and then went to bed. 
 hubby was sick. it seems he gets sick every christmas. i think it is a bad habit he acquired a while back, hehe.
nonetheless, we did welcome the new year with joy and gratefulness.
now onto my project for the digi playground:
a love card—a bubble love card that is.
-all bubble-licious-
it is a samantha walker svg and i have had it for a while just waiting to be remembered, lol.
it is an easy card to mass produce especially if i/you decide to make a few for v-day.
my first try was using distress ink on the bubbles but i didn’t like how it turned out so i moved to plan b and used my watercolors for the background.
Love Card
4-1/4 x 5-1/2″

-a sneak peek-

i used a few drops of red, pink, blue and black onto the wet watercolor paper and to speed up the process, i used my heat tool to dry it and then i sprinkled a few drops of water and some gold paint onto the surface and dried again.

then i brushed the entire surface with a matte finish medium and immediately after i sprinkled some super fine gold glitter onto it. i did that to secure the glitter onto my textured watercolor paper.
so pretty!

the smaller hearts were made using a paper punch. the bigger heart comes with the svg file.
it seems there are lots of steps but they are easy ones and you will have lots of fun playing with your watercolors too. and by all means you do not have to do them all. the card is beautiful just as it comes. i just wanted to play a bit with it.

another idea that came to mind was making it into a shaker.

anyhow, this is the svg i used in its raw version, 😀
and it has been linked for your convenience.
A2 Card Bubble Love
i am also linking to all the valentine’s day cuties they have in the store. they are too cute not to share.
if interested, this is the link:
and now i thank you for taking the time to stop by.
thanks a bunch and have a great day!

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