Designer Spotlight: Shari Butler


I’m excited to share a little about myself on the Digiplayground blog today! I am Shari Butler, designer and owner of Doohikey Designs. I am the youngest of four children, and I was raised in Preston, Idaho. I was lucky enough to be surrounded by the Cache Valley mountains and lucky to have a mom who taught me the love or art of being creative. She was always crafting, so i followed and played along with her.


Here is a picture of me and my siblings. I’m the blond girl sitting on my sisters lap! Can you believe we are eleven years apart? And our birthdays are both in April. In fact, it’s my birthday this week, so I will be celebrating my birthday all week long! In fact I shared twenty facts about me on Instagram. If you want to go read more about me you can look for this picture on my feed. Username is DoohikeyDesigns. There are some fun facts that I shared on that post.


I am a fabric designer for Riley Blake Designs and now i am sharing some of those designs and new designs here in different platforms. I’m excited to share my art and see how you all start to create with them. I will be uploading soon two quilt patterns that I created with Rodeo Rider designed by Samantha Walker. She’s taking the two quilts to Quilt Market and I’m super excited to share with you soon how you can create these two quilts for a boy or a girl. Here’s a sneak peek of the girl quilt. Isn’t the quilting amazing? And the designs on this fabric are fabulous!


 Last year Dan and I were working on building my studio in our home. This is where I create my designs, where I sew and craft. It’s fun to have a dedicated creative space where I can go and create till my heart is content. I chose an aqua color and the I’m slowly adding accessories, prints and creative items on the wall. As I get that completed I will share more pictures of my studio in detail. I had this desk and sewing table made by our friend Craig Jensen. He’s an amazing carpenter and he truly captured my vision of how I wanted my studio furniture to be. We’ve slowly been adding more and more to the studio to make it a space where I can call it my creative home.



You can see it’s not always perfect or clean. It can get a little crazy in there when I get creating, but being creative is a messy business sometimes. These are the french doors that separate my creative space from the family room.


My husband made this cutting board for me from Anna White’s plan’s. It does still need to be painted and the top stained. We just haven’t had the time or energy to complete it yet. Hopefully it will be done on the “Honey Do-List” this year.


These are the bookcases that hold my fabric lines and other fabrics that I collect for my stash. It’s been fun to create these fabric lines and to see how other people create and use my prints in fun quilts or handmade items. Here is my Unicorns and Rainbows fabric line with my Auriful thread collection. I was making an adorable baby dress for a friend who is expecting. I call this fun sewing.


I hope that as you get to know me more that you will know that I love to create to help inspire other people to create as well. Creativity feeds the soul, it helps mend hearts and by sharing your crafts with others you can brighten someone’s day. Have a fun crafty day!


Designer Spotlight: Jennifer Rush



Hello :)

Jennifer Rush (aka JMRush) signing in. I want to welcome you to I was a bit anxious about being the Spotlight Artist; as I have never been very comfortable in the spotlight.  I did a internet search for tips on self introductions which was not very fruitful.  So, this is me…here we go. I am a wife and mother of three children. We live in a small town in Kansas. I think the mention of Kansas usually brings to mind the movie “Wizard of Oz”. I don’t know Dorothy, toto, or the Tin-man…. but, my grandmother’s name was Dorthea, we have a small white dog named Tucker, and my amazing husband’s name is Tim. Get it TIM-man;) So, now the truth is out… I am a dork with a quirky sense of humor. It’s okay. I am 40 something years old and I have accepted it;)

I have always loved art and have worked with many mediums though my passion, until recently, was always painting. Painting could never be a career for me… basically because I cannot bare to part with my paintings. I often joke with my husband that my painting are like children to me. My amazing little sister, after years of trying, finally convinced me to try digital art – converting art to electronic cutting machines files to share with you. I am able to create an image and share it without feeling like I have abandoned a child. Amazing! I love it and love the crafting community. Mostly, I love that I can play a tiny little part in your creativity.  It is such a cool thing to see what your beautiful brains create and how my files can become so… much more once you add your creativity and talents! Please feel free to contact me if you have special requests, questions, or suggestion through the Digiplayground Contact Us form!  I feel so blessed to be able to share my art with you.
Thank you!
Jenn :)
P.s. This is where I was suppose to place the picture of my family dressed as the “Wizard of Oz” characters but, ran out of time;) Ha!

Designer Spotlight: Jamie Cripps


This week we are spotlighting artist Jamie Cripps.

Be sure to also visit her frequently on her blog here: Bits of Paper

Jamie Cripps_Cartoon_JLD-5in

Hi guys, It’s Jamie!  Most of you recognize me from my cartoon-me (see, there I am…up there!).  I am a small town Kansas girl living in Michigan with my husband Ron and our two kiddos, Hannah and Gannon!  I have always had a love for art but it was contained to crayons and paper, sharpies and napkins, and scissors and glue for most of my life.  To be honest, it never occurred to me that I could take it any further than that.  My sister-in-law introduced me to Scrapbooking after I had Hannah and I really enjoyed buying all the items and organizing them…come on, you know collecting is half the fun of this hobby right?  :)  Unfortunately I did a lot more collecting than I did scrapbooking for several years!  In 2006 our little family decided to head to Disney and we had such a fabulous trip.  I knew it needed to be documented as the kids were so little and I wanted them to remember all the great things that we did and the things they said.  …And that’s really where it all started for me.  I fell in love with all of it at that point; scrapbooking, card making, stamping, coloring, and die cutting.

I began applying for design teams to push myself to create more and find others in this fabulous industry that I could connect with.  After working with several teams and manufacturers I eventually found a call for the ever-so-talented Samantha Walker.  I loved Samantha’s work and was ecstatic to even apply for her team…which in fact, I didn’t make. :)  I didn’t give up though, I kept creating and sharing my work using her items on her social media page as well as on my own and eventually a spot opened up and she kindly reached out to me and offered me the spot!  Eventually Samantha and I figured out that we worked really well together and my design team spot turned into a Social Media/Design Team lead job.

So, how did all of that turn into me designing my own cutting files?  Well, I had always owned Cricut die cutters and I really enjoyed welding their shapes in their software to make my own items as well as making my own SVG files, but after working with Samantha for several months and seeing what she could cut with her Silhouette, I knew I needed one and it wasn’t too long after that I realized I wanted to try selling my own files.  I started out selling my files on my own and then began selling them in Silhouette’s Online Store, and now I am here at selling my SVG’s!

So the real me, well it really isn’t much different than the cartoon-me…but here I am!


Before I go, I wanted to share answers to some of my most frequently asked questions!

Q. Where did you get your cartoon drawing?  A. My amazing sister created it for me. She rocks, right!?

Q. What type of adhesive do you use? A. I use a variety.  My favorites thus far:  Scrapbook Adhesives E-Z Dot Runner, Scotch ATG700, Ultra-Thin Glue Dots, Scrapbook Adhesives 3d Foam Squares, Scotch Quick-Dry Adhesive and Beacon’s Zip Dry (I use these a lot with 3D items), and of course Hot Glue!

Q. What is your favorite card stock? A. I love heavier card stocks (which are around 80# weight) such as Carta Bella, American Crafts, Crate Paper, We R Memory Keepers, Bazzill, Stardream Metallics (I like these in 65# too), but my most favorite of all is still Basis Card stock.

Q. What do you use to curl your flowers? A. I use a skewer.  You know, the ones you buy for food.  Yep, those.  I have long ones and short ones and they are super cheap at your local grocery store!

Q. Do you have video tutorials? A. Not yet.  This is something that I try from time to time, but in all honesty I am just awkward in front (or behind/beside) a camera.  I ramble and giggle at myself and while I am sure they would be more than entertaining to watch, I haven’t made it through a complete one yet!  Some day I will conquer it!

Q. Do you take requests for cutting files? A. Of course, I think most of us designers do.  Don’t ever be afraid to email any of us or send in a suggestion through the Contact Us form!

Lastly, I just want to say THANK YOU!  I have the best job and I get to continue to do it because I have the support of all of you!  Seeing my files used in your creations inspires me on a daily basis.  I love the creativity you all have and seeing how you utilize my files is one of the best things of my day.  Please keep sharing them and remember you can upload them to my cut files here on too!  You can see how to do that here!

<3, Jamie


Designer Spotlight: Rivka Wilkins


rivka wilkins of rivka's Renditions

This week we are spotlighting artist Rivka Wilkins. Be sure to also visit her frequently on her blog here: 

My name is Rivka Wilkins and I’m a Graphic Designer living in Cedar Hills, Utah. I design and craft under the name Rivka’s Renditions.

I’ve been a lifelong maker, always busy with crafts, drawing, painting, crocheting, knitting, designing and pretty much anything I can get my hands on. I continue to look for my next challenge and adventure. I have jumped from one artsy thing to another as inspiration guides me (or as inspiration bulldozes me over).

I really started to focus my attention on art in junior high. I began drawing comic book characters, funny enough. In High School my brother told me I should look into making my major Graphic Design. I asked my counselor about what a Graphic Designer does and he made it sound so boring. So I just kept dabbling in different fields trying to find one that clicked. Later on, an Art Director pulled me from my Customer Service job and onto his creative team. He showed me how diverse the Graphic Design world actually was.

I feel like my style is very fluid. It constantly is changing as I gain appreciation for new things I am introduced to. It is difficult to not have a “voice” that is as defined as some other artists, but I believe that this gives me the ability to be adventurous in my work. My wayward soul has not only led me to discover things, but also to challenge them.

I find inspiration in so many things; music, the creativity in others, charity, color, the weather and nature. I also find inspiration in the art of the everyday; I believe there’s beauty in the routine things that we so often take for granted. I have been lucky to travel considerably in my life and to be inspired by the places I have visited.

I’m so blessed to have a family who has supported and encouraged me to not be intimidated by the unknown and to always try. Even though life gets busy with 3 little boys and a wonderful husband, they give me so much motivation and inspiration in my work.



We invite you to take advantage of the two freebies Rivka is offering to all of you this week. The doggy corner bookmark is our FREE SVG just for stopping by the store, and the Young Souls printable is yours when you spend $6 or more. Enjoy!

RW-C-Doggy-bookmark-young-souls free printable when you spend $6

“Painting” Digital Stamps with dimension

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Shari Butler of Doohikey Designs digital stamp tutorial for

Article by Shari Butler of Doohikey Designs

I’ve made a few of my designs in the store here at, with digital stamp options. So not only will you get the SVG cutting files, but also JPEGS and/or PNG files for printing and making into simulated stamped images. Digital stamps are fun to use and can easily be printed with your home computer and colored with your favorite markers, like Copics. In addition to simply printing them and using them that way, I’d like to share a fast guide on how you can use photoshop (or photoshop elements) to shade your electronic stamps digitally. First you would want to open your digital stamp file in photoshop. They are usually marked “stamp” in the folder, and will end in the PNG or JPEG file extension.

For this project, I’m using my Spring Floral, which you can get here, at

colorizing digital Stamps Step 1

To start, open photoshop then click your magic wand tool from your tool palette.

colorizing digital Stamps Step 1

With the magic wand tool,  you are going to select the areas that you want to be the exact same color. To add areas hold the shift key after each selection. To subtract areas, hold the option key.

colorizing digital Stamps Step 3

Now that these areas are selected, go to your menu bar at the top. Click on Layer  > New Fill Layer > Solid Color.

colorizing digital Stamps Step 4

Click “ok.” This will bring you to a menu where you are able to choose a color, or you can go into the color pantone libraries (if you have them loaded in your software), like I did in the sample below. Now choose your color from there.

colorizing digital Stamps Step 5

I chose a wonderful lush Spring green for the leaves. Click OK. If you decide that isn’t the color you want, you can double click the color in the layer tool and modify it there.

colorizing digital Stamps Step 6

Now let’s add some dimension! Right-click on the new fill color layer you just made and click on blending options.

In the blending options you will Click on Inner Glow > select Normal > adjust the opacity to 37%. I also like to select a contrasting color here or you can change it to white.  Have some fun and play with the settings. Opacity can be bumped up or down to your liking. If you are shading something small, you won’t want the glow to reach across the entire area, if you are doing a larger shape, you may want to extend the glow a little more. Just play until you get the desired look you want. Now we will go to Elements, select softer, click center, size is 81px.  Adjust this to your liking to vary the look until you get what you want.

colorizing digital Stamps Step 7

Now let’s get tricky and add a “colored paper” texture. To do that, from the layer styles box, click Pattern Overlay and modify the following settings:

colorizing digital Stamps Step 8

Pick Color Burn > click arrow and select Artist Surfaces then select Watercolor. You have now completed one color. Now you will repeat the steps to complete the flower.

colorizing digital Stamps Step 9

You will see here how it’s coming together.

colorizing digital Stamps Step 10

Now in this image, I’ve added a few more colors to the digital stamp. To add the same effects to the other colors it’s as simple as copying your layer style then pasting it to the other layers. To do that right click on the layer you want to copy the style from, then select “copy layer style” from the menu. Now click the layer you want to add this style to, right click that layer then select “paste layer style.” Once you get your layer style set up the way you like, copying and pasting layer styles makes this process really quick.

colorizing digital Stamps Step 11

I like to go one step further and do a color overlay over the black lines. Once again, I go to my layer style palette, and I opt for brown here and I changed the opacity to 77%. I also did the Pattern Overlay from the previous steps, choosing watercolor texture from the Artist Surfaces.

colorizing digital Stamps Step 12

And now the Spring Floral is ready to be printed, cut and added to any craft you have in mind. It’s easy to color your digital stamps with your computer.  Happy Creating!

You can find Shari’s designs in our store at this link here. Most of Shari’s designs include not only the SVG cuttables, but digital stamp versions of the cuts as well.