Mouse Cart- Dimensional Paper Crafting with Agnes


hello all,
agnes here to share with you a 3d project i made with a samantha walker digital file and it turned out super adorable and i know you are going to love it.
please know this is a photo heavy post. 
i wanted to capture all sides and details.
int this pic you see where i will stationing my mouse cart. it will stay there for a while. it looks really nice and the colors match with the background, 😀
i used my cricut explore and its software to open and cut the file.
the mat i used is a 12×12 but the software will say you need a 12×24 but do not pay attention. it cuts just fine on the 12×12.
NOTE one of the canopy sections is not attached just yet but the entire cart base is. you will attach that layer later on. it makes it easier not being attached at this point.
(sorry about this pic, it was a bit cloudy when taken)


here i am showing the left side and right side of its face.
adorable, isn’t it?
the patterned papers i used are from mme: away we go collection (6×6)
 these pics are showing left and right sides again.
see those diminutive parts of the bike. well, they cut perfect. 
check the size of the pedal, it is actually two to pieces, lol. 
  you won’t be able to attach both parts completely but do not worry because that is how it was designed. 
i recommend a good strong adhesive and for the base a nice thick cardstock.
i added some extra details:  stamped a subtle pattern on shirt, edge of papers were inked for more definition, some wet embossing on the ice cream and on the tiny round parts on the wheels. 
like it, huh? i think they can be great for a birthday party decoration, as favors filled with candy, as a gift box and who knows what else you can think of i am not.
3D mouse-cart Box
the mouse cart has been linked to their store, if interested.
thanks for stopping by!

Be Mine by Anita


One thing that definitely gets me through our yucky New England January winters is preparing for Valentine’s Day.  I simply adore the colors and these Doodlebug patterns are so cute.  I used two different Digi Playground files for my project.  The box is made by the uber talented Jamie Cripps and it is called 3D Candy Bar/Pencil Holder.  So you can use it for two different things.  You can find this amazing file here.
3D Candy Bar | Pencil Holder
The sentiments are called Valentine Phrases and you can print them in so many wonderful yummy papers and resize them to fit your needs.  You could even make a matching card for your chocolate bar treat holder.  You can find the files for the phrases here.  Jamie made these awesome files as well.
Valentine Phrases (4)
I hope that winter is good to you and be sure to hop on into the store to pick up these and other wonderful Valentine files.


3-Tier Snowman Box by Rhonda Emery


today is tuturial day. I have chosen this very cute 3-tier snowman
boxes. We have large, med, small and a hat.  This is the finished look
and I added a snowflake on the hat and the word snow on bottom with
buttons for a added touch. Visit
 First cut out all the pieces the boxes all in white and the hat in black eyes carrot nose and scraf.
simply fold boxes and hat and glue all pieces together,to make boxes
and the hat. assemble all together to make this cute snowman box. Fill
with cookies, any treat you wish. Hope you had a great visit and will
find time to make that special someone a gift or just keep yourself for
be sure to visit my blog  please leave a comment if you wish and have a crafty day.

Cricut Explore Design Space Files


Hello and a big welcome to all our new friends!

It’s Jamie here with you today and we are going to be talking about Cricut Design Space and our SVG files!

Most of our SVG cutting files are adapted for Cricut Explore Design Space users. You can find them easily in the store when you see these compatibility logos on the design’s detail page (see logos below.)

SVG files compatible with Cricut Explore

If you don’t see these icons on the file you want to purchase, that’s okay! We will get you all fixed up!

Here’s the back story… When we first started the site we didn’t understand that Design Space handled the SVG files differently so we began loading all our files as we create them for other softwares.  Once we started playing around with Design Space, we adapted our files so that they would easily work with the Cricut software. Many of our newer files are all set but some of our older files need conversions to make them work easier in the Design Space software.  Here’s how you can tell if you need a conversion…

  1.  They won’t have those adorable little icons on the file description.
  2.  You will only have one SVG file within your .zip folder.  The DS friendly SVG files are labeled with the letters “DS” in the file name – signifying Design Space.
  3. Your file will look similar to the image below rather than have colored pieces.

6ct Andes Free File

What do you do if you purchase a file that isn’t Design Space Friendly? If you come across such a file. We are happy to convert them free of charge. You simply need to request the conversion through our contact us form!

Once you have your Design Space Friendly file, we have a couple tutorials you can check out as well.  You can find those HERE and HERE!

And remember!  We have free files so you can sample our cuts HERE and of course be sure to check back each Monday to see the FREE file offerings we have!

Lastly, should you have any questions at any time, please feel free to contact us through our contact us form!

Happy Crafting!


Magpie Lace Card Tutorial



New this week! I just uploaded a card that features a lacey magpie. It’s super simple to make. It’s just two pieces of paper, and lots of intricate cut work. The card fits in an A2 envelope.

Here’s a link to it in the store. It includes two additional versions of the card…one that is simplified, and one that is even more simplified…see variations below:Magpie-card-SVG-file

The card above is the most simple of the three versions and has several of the smaller wing feathers removed. The magpie card below still has most of the wing feathers but some have been enlarged.Magpie-card2-SVG-file


You will need one sheet of Navy Cardstock and 1 sheet of Vellum or other contrasting card stock or specialty paper.


Choose wether you want to use the original magpie lace card file, the SIMPLE magpie lace card, or the Most SIMPLE magpie lace card. Some people may not have a sharp blade in their machine…if that is you…choose the MOST SIMPLE version. If you are using a new blade, and feel confident, go ahead and use the original file.

One you make that selection, cut out the two pieces.


Now use a good paper glue and glue all the way around the back side of the card front. Add additional glue in the center of the bird, and any other areas that you may be concerned that might “lift.”


Carefully place the velum then press it onto the glued side of the card.Folding-A2-card-s

Once the glue is dry, fold the card. Use a straight edge. Line up the straight edge with your dashed score or cut lines, then fold the back side toward the front. Then crease.

If you are a Cricut Explore DS user, you might find the following instructions helpful:


If you are using a Cricut Explore, you will first need to convert your dashed cut lines to score lines.


Then attach your score line to the card layer below so they cut/score on the same mat.


Select the “go” button, and your DS software will show you that you have two cutting mats for this project…the blue card stock mat (make sure you see your score and cut lines on this layer) and your velum mat. You could use a contrasting card stock if you wish instead.


The Penny Slider Card


Hi all,
and welcome to the digiplayground.
wanting to share with you the second penny slider card i have ever made.
Yup! I made my first one years ago. I had forgotten how much fun they are to make!
Anyway and anyhow,
here it is….
The Penny Slider Card
-so much fun-
I grabbed this Samantha Walker SVG cutting file from the DGP shop.
the card size is an a2
(5-1/2″ x 4-1/4″)
I cut everything with my Cricut Explore using the design space software.
the slit you see is where you attach the bike to slide.
All the pieces just waiting to be put together. i cut duplicates to add dimension to some of the die cuts.
This picture is showing you that the bike slid forward, lol.
If you look to the first photo again, the bike is on the left, now is on the right.
-the penny slider effect-
-I gave the sun a happy face-
  See the pretty envelope with its scalloped flap? darling!    I left the inside of the card blank to hand write a personal note.
How it works:
 There are two small circles behind the slit. They are to attach the bike for sliding.
In my case I used the brads on the wheels, pierced through the bike to grab those circles to make the bike slide. normally you add a penny onto the circles for better movement and that is why they call it:
“the penny slider card”. I did not add the penny but I can easily move it with my fingers.
And, if you take a closer look you will notice that I also stamped the leaves: you can see some veins there.
What do you think? makes you want to try it, huh?
It is so cute and so easy to make.
is also available for
the Silhouette, Make the Cut, Cricut Explore, Sure Cuts a Lot and Sizzix Eclips.
And now I have to say until later.
Have a great week
and thanks again for stopping by to check our projects.