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Cutting Software

 SVG digital die cuts from work with third party software like Make the Cut and SCAL, as well as some software that comes with your cutting machine like Cricut Design Space, and Brother Scan n Cut software.

Updated February 20, 2015

Our SVG cutting files will work with some software that comes with your cutting machine, but some cutting machines will require the use of third party software; or upgrades from their standard software to another level. In addition, some machines like the Brother Scan N Cut, will not directly open SVG files, but rather have a “work around” that will allow you to use our SVG files.

Below we will explain what you will need in order to cut our SVG files on your cutting machine. We will try to update this section often, as this information changes as new machines, and software are introduced to our industry. If you are aware of new capabilities of the software that comes with a certain machine, or are first to know of updates to third party software, please contact us so we can keep the most updated information on this page here. We will be watching too.

SVG cutting file compatible with Cricut Explore Design Space

Cricut Explore users have access to great software that is accessed online with a plug-in. You can download the free plug-in program from their website. AND as of Februay 16th 2015, they introduced their new DS 2.0.o.2R update–it will automatically let you know you need to update when you log in and start a new project. Our DS user friendly SVG cutting files are created in color, and are set up to utilize the fantastic features of the Cricut Explore. (Note to our users who use other cutting software: you may also prefer the color versions of our files. We give you the option of black and white line art, or color-coded cutting files. Silhouette users will not be able to use the DS versions of our files.)

The DS software allows you to cut SVG files with the Cricut Explore. However, if you are used to other cutting software, you need to know that it reads in SVG files differently than most cutting file softwares out there. This isn’t necessarily a drawback if you understand why. You see, this software works in layers, and so SVG files get separated into layers when they are read in. That means that SVG files need to be designed a little differently to make sure that these layers make sense when read in; so that they are easier to use with the software.

These layers can really be advantageous if you know how to utilize them. You see, Cricut Explore has the ability to cut AND score designs. It’s really quite amazing! In order to utilize this fantastic feature, that no other machine has; we create our DS compatible SVG files in a way that our dotted-fold-lines are read into the software in a layer by themselves. When you ungroup your file in the software, you will be able to select our dotted fold lines and make them into dotted score lines (utilizing this awesome feature of this machine.) After you change the lines, you can then clip them to their corresponding cut lines so that they will cut and score on the same mat. Please read our tutorial on how you can do this with ease. The tutorial features a free 3D file that Cricut Explore users can try out so you know how our DS SVG files are designed. (link to the free SVG will be found in the tutorial.)

Another thing you will need to know is that the DS software, does not import SVG files at native size. This is not a biggie for most designs, but some projects require size specific proportions in order to function as intended. For example, you will need to know the size of a cupcake box to make sure that it will fit a cupcake properly. If you are creating an A2 card, you will also need to have the proper size information…and so on. Our Cricut Explore Design Space user friendly SVG files, list the width of the project in inches within the file name itself. There is no need to open a separate PDF to get this info.

If you are a Cricut Explore user, please feel confident in buying any of our SVG files. Most of our SVG downloads now include a user friendly SVG for the Design Space software. You will find it in your download folder, labeled with the letters “DS.” We still have a few files that haven’t been converted yet, but we are committed to convert any file that doesn’t contain our DS user friendly SVG yet. If you do not find such a file within your download, it is from the first batch of files we uploaded to the store when we weren’t aware how this software read files in. Upon learning this, we started our FREE Cricut Explore conversion program. You can read about the program here. We will convert any of our SVG files to the new updated user-friendly SVG’s for DS users upon request. Just use our Contact Us form.

There is no need to purchase this software, as it is free to use with your Cricut Explore. If you are contemplating buying a Cricut Explore, you may want to test out the software before purchasing a Cricut Explore. You won’t be able to use it with other cutting machines.

 SVG cutting file compatible with Silhouette
Please know that the free software included with your Silhouette, is not SVG compatible. You will need to upgrade to the Silhouette Studio® Designer Edition in order to use our SVG files here at It is not an expensive upgrade, and is well worth the cost of the extra features you will get when you upgrade. The designer edition of the Silhouette software contains all the same functionality as Silhouette Studio®, such as the ability to cut any True Type Font (TTF) on your computer system; plus allows you the ability to open and cut SVG files. You can read reviews here.
Here at digiplayground, we design a special SVG with black cutting lines only, that can be read into the Designer Edition as red cutting lines. (if for any reason you do not see red cutting lines, when importing the SVG file into your software, please let us know, and we will correct that.) After your design has imported into the software, you will be able to ungroup the cutting lines and move the pieces of the file around in the software allowing you to set up your mats for different paper colors. You will have the ability to add or delete lines to files, and cut and paste portions of other SVG files to create unique projects. We have a fantastic tutorial that shows you a great way to cut multiple colors on one cutting mat. Please visit this link here. You’ll be glad you did.

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SVG cutting file compatible with make the cut software
Make The Cut! is third party cutting software, that is a great option for PC users and a windows operating system. Mac users, please note, there is only one version of the software that works with a Mac OS–the KNK Zing comes with MTC and has both a Windows and Mac OS version of the software.
Make the Cut will open up the capabilities of your cutting machine. It allows you to cut SVG digital die cuts and any TrueType/OTF Fonts on your computer, as well as PDFs with your personal cutting machine. The interface is easy-to-learn giving you endless possibilities. The software supports cut, copy and paste across programs like Adobe Illustrator, and Inkscape. It allows you to weld shapes together, which comes in handy when creating phrases that you want to cut in one piece. You can convert PNG, GIF, and JPG images into cut lines. It has a thumbnail viewer library to easily find your files. Make the Cut is dedicated to serving it’s customers and offers webinars demonstrating their software every Tuesday night. (the buy it now button below links you to their page where you can learn even more about this great third-party software solution for cutting machines.)
Make the Cut software is a great choice for cutting SVG files like the ones we have here on
MTC is compatible with any of the machines listed below:
  • Works with KNK Zing (The Zing comes with Make the Cut and there is a Mac version too!)
  • Works with all Klic-N-Kut™ models
  • Works with the Pazzles Inspiration™
  • Works with BossKut Gazelle™
  • Works with Black Cat Cougar/Lynx™ series
  • Works with USCutter™ MH/LaserPoint series
  • Works with CraftWell’s eCraft™
  • Works with Silhouette SD™ and Cameo™ including Print and Cut!
  • Supports HPGL machines with printer support (Craft ROBO™, Wishblade™, etc)

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  SVG cutting file compatible with Sure Cuts A Lot SCAL SVG cutting files are compatible with e-clips SCAL
Sure Cuts A Lot is the original third party cutting software for crafter’s cutting machines. They introduced a whole new world to cutting machine users; when they came out with their well-known and loved “SCAL” software. They especially made an impression on crafters with the original Cricut machines. Please note, that only Versions 1 and 2 of SCAL will work with your Cricut Personal, Cricut Expresssion, Cricut Create and Cricut Cake machines…AND you must have a compatible firmware version on the Cricut machine. To check what firmware your machine has, you will need to turn on your cutting machine and look at the display. Cricut Personal requires version 1.1 or 1.3-1.35; Cricut Expression/Cake machines require version 2.1 or 2.3-2.35; Cricut Create/Cake Mini requires version 1.51-1.54. SCAL stopped supporting these versions in 2011, but if you have any of these machines, and have access to the software mentioned, it is good to know what works with them.
They have new versions of the software for other cutting machines. SCAL software gives you all the features you would expect from third party cutting software. It allows you to Cut SVG files and fonts from your computer. It has great tools such as their line drawing tool which utilizes bezier curves, you can copy and paste, group/ungroup, is available as a download online, and has versions for Windows, Mac OSX, Apple iPad & Android! This software, by far, supports more operating systems than any other. Yes, you can edit on your tablet, but you may need to find a way to transfer designs to your computer, or have a cutting machine that has the ability to connect to a tablet.
The software opens up the ability to Cut TrueType fonts, SVG files, images, & even draw your own shapes giving you endless possibilities! It is important to know that the current versions of SCAL software are not compatible with any Cricut. The current software is compatible with any of the machines listed below. It is a fantastic option for cutting SVG files from
  • Works with Sizzix eclips™
  • Works with Craftwell eCraft™
  • Works with Black Cat Cougar/Lynx™
  • Works with Boss Kut Gazelle™
  • Works with GCC™
  • Works with Pazzles Inspiration™
  • Works with Silhouette SD/CAMEO/Portrait™
  • Works with Silver Bullet™
  • Works with USCutter™
  • Works with VinylExpress™

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Brother Scan n Cut will allow use of SVG files through their Canvas website allows you to change SVG files into FMC files.

The Brother Scan N Cut machine works differently than all the cutting machines or software listed above. As of right now, there is not a compatible version of MTC or SCAL for this cutting machine. With that said, you will be able to use our SVG cutting files, but they will need to be converted (by you) to their proprietary format, FCM. You can do this through their ScanNCut Canvas website. After you convert the SVG, you will then need to transfer that information (via USB flash drive) to your cutting machine. Doing this is not impossible, but it can be tedious if converting several files. Some of our more detailed SVG designs may not want to be read in, and if you run into that, we found a great tutorial here to work around this, allowing you to convert more detailed files. If Brother changes the way that that their machine interfaces with SVG designs, we will let you know.

News Flash! Brother’s new Scan N Cut late 2015/2016 machines are rumored to be compatible with SVG files! Whoo Hoo! No more converting to FCM with that generation of machine. We will let you know more about this as soon as we get the scoop. 

Thank you for supporting us! We hope your get much enjoyment from the files we offer here at

Enjoy your crafty free time!

-Samantha Walker


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