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Jennifer Wambach

At age four, Jennifer decided she wanted to be an artist when she grew up. She was raised in LeRoy, NY, in a ’50s ranch house full of art, fabric, books, and music. Grateful to have had supportive parents, she practiced her drawing skills by creating masterpieces like her family portrait in permanent marker on the basement floor.

As a teenager she drew caricatures of her teachers during class and doodled when she should have been studying for the AP Biology test. She took every art class offered, went to the New York State Summer School of the Arts for Visual Arts, ignored her mom’s advice to take a typing class, and decided to go to art school for college. (Jennifer did take her advice in college, however, and signed up for a computer class where she discovered Macs were much more fun than TI-99s.)

After earning a BFA in painting and drawing, Jennifer moved to the Chicago area. She worked as a graphic designer, illustrated a couple children’s books, painted landscapes, earned a certificate in botanical illustration, filled up multiple sketchbooks, and took a writing classes, but couldn’t find her niche.

In the meantime, Jennifer got married and had three wonderful children. Soon after her third baby was born, a little serendipity introduced her to art licensing and fabric design. She feels incredibly lucky for the opportunity to get paid drawing her silly little characters, and is amazed anew every day that a career like this one exists!

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