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Can I check out without setting up a PayPal account?

Yes you can. Please see visual below, click where it is circled in red: paypal instructions

How to I get the Free file of the week, it is listing a price and is not $0?

The Free file is free. You simply need to add it to your cart and it will show up as 0.00 in your cart…other words, free. We want you to have it, so we try to make it even simpler for registered users. All you need to do is login, and the free file of the week will automatically be added to your cart. So when you are logged in, your cart will show one item in it, the free item, and it will be listed at 0.00. You can also earn other free files when you reach certain shopping tiers (currently $6 for the premium free file, and $25 for the Kit of the Month.) They will automatically be added to the cart for you when you reach the earned tier.

free SVG cutting file from


Where do I enter a coupon code?

Coupon codes must be entered in the box at the bottom of the shopping cart page, not the checkout page. So please be sure to visit your cart prior to checking out if you are planning on using a coupon code. Coupon codes can not be applied to previous purchases.

where to enter a coupon code at


I’m trying to check out and it is not working, what do I do?

Did you check the box directly above the “submit order button” that says, “I accept the terms and conditions and privacy policy?” This is usually the reason a check out won’t go through. There is a pop up window that normally comes up to let you know that you need to check the box, but some browsers are set up to block pop up windows. Try that first, if that doesn’t work, please contact us and we can help you.

What is an SVG file?

An SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic) is a digital file you can download and cut using your electronic cutting machine and compatible software.   

Do I need software to use your SVG files? 

Our SVG files work with any SVG compatible programs but many of the die cutting machines will require a software program in order to cut.  Most machines will work with Sure Cuts A Lot or Make the Cut.  If you own a Silhouette machine (SD/Cameo/Portrait) will need the Silhouette Studio Designer Edition or Sure Cuts A Lot 3 or later as the free software they provide will not import SVG files easily.  We are also now supporting Cricut Design Space software. We are converting SVG files upon request, to a friendlier SVG for Cricut users. If our file doesn’t work for Cricut Design Space, contact us, and we will update it with the new conversion, and also add the new version to future downloads of that file for other Cricut DS users.

I have a Silhouette machine. How do I open your files?

You need to have the Designer version of the Studio software in order to import SVG files. Many of our designers files (not all) are available in the Silhouette download store in the proprietary .studio file extension format that only works with their software. However, in many cases we offer different versions of our files here. We may include print and cut versions within the file, or color JPEG or PNG images in the downloads we offer here. That gives you the option of printing out the file or using it in digital scrapbooking. In some cases, we offer updated versions of our files here, when we see the need to change something to improve it.

I have a Cricut Explore, are your files compatible?

We have great news! We are pleased to announce that most of our files are now user-friendly with the Cricut Explore Design Space software. Some of the older ones still need to be updated, but never fear… Please read our blogpost regarding Cricut design space users and how we are accommodating you with our free conversion program to make sure that our files work for you! We will update any of our SVG files for you to be sure that they include our new DS user friendly format that is in color and has score lines in a separate layer so you can use your score feature with your cutting machine. You can see the new format and how to use them in this blogpost here. You will know if you have a DS user friendly version of our SVG’s if you see the letters “DS” in the file name. Look for this symbol at the top of the product listing, or cricut DS file included in the product description (see below.) If you should come across a file that hasn’t been updated yet, contact us, and will will promptly update it for you. You can read more about our free conversion program here compatible machines and software

I do not have a Cricut Explore, can I still use the DS versions of the SVG file?

Yes, you can. Some of our users prefer this version of the file. We include both a black line version of the file (better for Silhouette users), and a color version of the file that is set up slightly differently for Cricut Explore users. If you find that you prefer working with the color version, and your software will allow it, then use this version of the file. 

I’m using a Cricut Explore with the Design Space software, how do I import your files?

We have set up a tutorial to guide you through the process of using our Cricut Explore DS files. You can check it out at this link here. If you are still having trouble uploading our files, it may be that your browser is incompatible. Some versions of Internet Explorer do not work well with their software. They recommend using Google Chrome or another browser. I am using Safari, and it works great for me. 

I’m using a Cricut Explore, How do I know what size to make my project?

Our Cricut SVG files will have the size listed in the file name. Look for the file with the letters DS in it, and you will see the width of the file listed in inches right after that. Some files don’t have specific sizes, and can be resized in the DS software to your liking.

I’m making a project with dotted fold lines, using Cricut Explore, why don’t they cut at the same time?

We put our dotted fold lines in a separate layer on purpose, this is not a mistake. We do this so you can utilize the super duper cool score feature with your Cricut Explore. You will be able to simultaneously cut/score on the same mat with one pass through the machine. You do not have to cut, then feed it again to add the score lines. We have an excellent tutorial that shows you how to do this at this link here.

I’m using Cricut Explore, how do I use the Print then Cut feature with your files?

If you are doing print and cuts, you will need to use the PNG file within the file download, and follow Cricut’s instructions. Some of our downloads include PNG files. When they do, It will tell you in the product description.

How do I cut a SVG file?

Each software program works a little differently however the general idea is to open your software and then open (or import) the SVG file you would like to cut. The cut file will appear on your cutting mat within your software.  Place paper on your physical mat and load your mat into the cutting machine then click cut in your software and watch your machine do its magic!  For an awesome step by step sample visit here!  

What is the difference between a PNG and a JPEG?

Both of these file types can be printed with your home printer. When a printable version is included in a file, you do not need to have a cutting machine to enjoy this part of the download. A PNG can appear on a transparent background and also be used for digital scrapbooking or other digital types of projects to allow the layer underneath to show. A JPEG is never on a transparent background, but makes a great printable.

A PNG or a JPEG can be used by Cricut Explore DS to utilize the print then cut feature. (cut lines are not necessary, the program will do that for you on these files. Please see Cricut Design Space instructions for details.) A PNG is more suitable for Cricut Print then Cut because it does not have a background. A JPEG needs to have it’s background, “cleaned up” before it can be used for Cricut Explore DS print then cut.

Please Note: Each file contains a JPEG image preview in low resolution just as a visual. Not all files include JPEG printables, so please look at the product description, and look for the printable JPEG within your downloaded file. 

How long do I have to download my files and how many times can they be downloaded?

Just remember the number 4. You have 4 days from purchase to download your files and you can re-download them up to 4 times.  If you have any problems downloading your files please contact us here. Please do not attempt to download the designs to your phone…your files will not work for you there. 

How do I receive the file I purchased?

Once your payment is complete you will be provided a link on our website to directly download each digital kit. Kits will come as a zipped file with the files that you purchased. See “unzipping files” in the FAQ for instructions below on how to open zipped files. If you purchased multiple files, you will need to download from each link provided.   

download instructions for SVG files at

See where the arrow points, click here to download. The file will then go to your downloads folder on your computer. Find it there, and then you can save it where you want.

Where does the file go after I download it?

When you download a file, your computer is automatically set up to put downloads in a folder called the download folder. You can search for it in your finder. You can set this up so that downloads go to a different folder, so if it isn’t in your downloads folder, someone else in your household may have set up the downloads to go somewhere else. You may need to ask them how it is set up.

How do I open the file once I download it?

Unzipping Files: If you have Windows ME or XP, or Apple OS-X or higher, just double click on the xipped file or folder. Your computer will then open the file just as it would a regular file. Some systems may ask you if you want to extract the file. Answer yes, this will extract the file into a regular file that you can then click on and open. If you don’t have Windows ME or XP or Apple OS, you may need to download low cost or free software to help you unzip the file. For PC users, I recommend Winzip. For mac users I recommend Betterzip. 

How do I install font files?

Our font files are downloadable files that come in a TTF or OTF font file.  These fonts will work with digital die cutters as well as other software programs.  Once you unzip your file (see above), you will need to install the font into your computer.  
For Mac OS:  Double-click the font file then click the “install font” button that appears at the bottom of the preview.  
For Windows: Select the unzipped font file and the right-click and select install.  

How do I recieve the promotional FREE files offered in the store?

Just add the correct dollar amount of product to your cart. When your cart meets the required dollar amount, the FREE items will automatically show up in your cart. There is no need to add the FREE products to your cart, as they may confuse you, as their price will show in the cart total until the other items in your cart satisfy the dollar level required to recieve the FREE file. Occasionally, we will offer “hidden” free files. To find out about those, read our blog, our designers’ blogs, and the store newsletter. Sometimes we will include a link for a bonus freebie. 

What happens if I purchase a file and do not know how to use it? 

When you place an order, we assume you have a basic understanding of how your computer works and how digital files work. We will try to assist you if you have difficulties with the files, but since there are so many different computer environments and design programs, we are unable to provide detailed tutorials. Google and internet search engines are great if you are unsure of how to use a specific design program, simply search for tutorials for the specific design program(s) you will be using.  If you are still having issues, you can contact us here.

What is your Return Policy?

Due to the nature of our products, we do not issue refunds or returns.  Your satisfaction is important to us. All our files are tested for quality assurance. Since we are human, there is a rare chance that we may make an error. Because we are human, we care; and we want to correct any errors to make sure you are happy. If you have any questions or concerns about the cutting files or transaction please email us!

What if there was a problem with my order? 

If you have issues or concerns with your order, please contact us immediately here.  

What type of license do I get with my purchase?

All files come with the standard personal user license which allows you to cut the designs for your personal projects, and gifts. You are not allowed to share, modify, distribute, or sell items containing the designs.  You can read more about personal user licenses and also learn how to obtain other licenses here.

Can I download my files to my iPad, iPhone, SmartPhone, or Tablet?

At this time, the downloads will not work with mobile devices.  You are able to purchase on a mobile device however, a computer is required to download and use files.

Pick Sheets Explained – how to get just one image: 

Some kits and files on this site come on what is called a “pick sheet.” This is a simple term or explaination for a group of digital designs that appear in one file on a transparent background. They are usually in PNG format, which allows images to be saved on a transparent background. This is one common way that you could recieve a file that is to be used for digital scrapbooking or digital crafting. Think of pick-sheets like a sheet of stickers. You can see all the stickers at once, but you can isolate, and just choose one.

Here’s how you would do that. To use just one image from these files, simply use one of your selection tools from your digital scrapbooking ore photo editing software like adobe photoshop or others, to draw a selection box around the image from the pick sheet that you want to use. Then copy the object, and paste it into your digital project you are working on. In general, cutting files usually do not come on “pick sheets.”

How to use Digital stamps

Digital stamps are fun and easy to use. All of our digital stamp files come in PNG format and come on a transparent background. Some stamp files also include other types of files as well. You can easily recolor the artwork by selecting it in your editing software and assigning a new color to the existing color. Think of it…you could have endless “ink” colors without having to store a plethora of different colored ink pads. You can print these out on your chosen paper or cardstock, and color as if it were a stamped image with copic markers (or similar.) Digital stamps are a great economical, space-saving way to build an extensive stamp collection.

My download links aren’t working, how do I get my product?

We send you links, via e-mail, to the products shortly after your purchase them. You have 4 days to download the product, after that the link won’t work. Please download right away. If for some reason you were not able to download the products right away, please contact us right away. If you do not receive the e-mail with the links after you make your purchase, please let us know right away. We have had users type their e-mail address wrong when they register. This could be one reason, a download link was not sent.

Do you have a way we can share our projects with other users for inspiration?

Yes, we do! We have two places where you can share your projects. We have a gallery that you can upload to, here is the link: We are also excited to offer a place for customers to upload pictures of their projects made with our designs directly to the product listing page.

Here’s what you need to know about uploading photos of your projects:

We now offer an easy way to upload your project photos using our SVG cutting files, printables and more directly to the product listings in our store. Now your creative crafts will be able to inspire others how to put a new spin on our designs. These photos are moderated to make sure that we can show off the pretty things you craft. So no dark, out of focus or inappropriate photos will be accepted.

Photo Upload Rules:

1. Projects must be your own creations and must not infringe on others copywrite.

2.Projects must prominently feature designs from the store. They must also be uploaded to the correct design in the store.

3. Submit crafts you are proud of that you know will inspire others.

4. No dark photos.

5. No blurry out-of-focus photos.

6. No pixelated photos

7. No no advertising, or blatant promotions.

8. No photos of an inappropriate nature. No nudity, profanity, no drug paraphernalia, or anything that is deemed extreme and/or in bad taste.

9. Photos must be Jpeg images, no larger than 600×600 pixels.

10. Have fun!

I am having problems viewing your product pictures, how do I see what you are selling?

We have found that if Google Chrome or Firefox are not updated with the correct plug-ins, or if you have certain preferences selected, they can be temperamental with viewing some sites on the internet and not others. This is not a faulty issue of our site, but rather an issue with your browser using out of date plug-ins or wrong settings. Unfortunately, we do not know the ins and outs of all the different browsers and cannot offer technical support on these issues. However, we have researched this online and found some help at these links here:

Google Chrome issue links:!topic/chrome/cnKpMwPUKP8!topic/chrome/X3tuahpMu38!topic/chrome/3_Q4QSxIq-k

Firefox issue links:

Where are the instructions to your 3D projects and other more complicated projects?

When instructions are needed, we link our instructions here in the store, right in the product listing. We are currently working on a pictorial link list on our blog so there will be an additional place to find instructions. The links direct you to the designers blog, or a creative team member, who will show how to assemble the project. We direct you to the blogs of the designers because they are able to update instructions when necessary. This way, we are also able to update and add additional links, when we have other project variations to share. Most of our basic 2D files do not include specific instructions. Instead, we have set up a basic tutorial on working with SVG files, to help with setting up files, and layering paper piecings. Some downloads will include a PDF with instruction, but we will also give you the link to the blog where you can find the most updated version of the instructions.

Can I sell crafts made with designs?

Yes and No. You may do so only when you purchase a commercial crafter’s license for each design you intend to use in your crafts for sale. Currently we only offer licensing for SVG cut files and not the printable portion of a file. This is a special low-cost license specifically for small business crafters through our store. These licenses are not for manufacturers. The Commercial Crafters license is a add-on license, meaning, you must first purchase the product (which gives you a personal use license) but if you want to sell craft items made with our designs we charge a small fee to allow you to do that. One license must be purchased for each design used in your crafts. We have three different licensing tiers for crafters, which are offered at the going rate for digital cut files: currently, the first tier starts at $8.00 for 1-50 items made with that design. You can usually add this into the price of your crafts to pass this onto your customers. We explain each tier in the commercial license section of our store, and explain how to display your licensing information. A 15 to 25 cent mark-up on your individual crafts will usually cover this expense for you. Be sure to buy the correct licenses from the artist who designed your items you will be crafting with. Here is the link in the store for all the details: Once you click on an artist, it will give you all the basic licensing information so you understand it before you purchase it.

Privacy of your information:

For more about our privacy click here

Have more questions?  Contact us!  


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