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Hello everyone, Nicole here to share some birthday decor I’ve been working on for my grandmother’s 80th birthday next month..  The first of many items I’m putting together is this banner.  I went with something that has an older classic feel and will work perfectly with the the rest of the decor.

 I started with some drop cloth material that I picked up from Harbor Freight.  I bought a large piece for about $35 quite awhile ago.  I’ve used this same piece for so many projects now and still have quite a bit left. If you haven’t ever used drop cloth material take a look at my Pinterest board.  One thing to keep in mind is that it should be washed a couple of times before using.

Using the Nesting Banner Basics I cut one of the large pennants for a pattern.

I traced with a pencil and cut out 16 banner pendants.  Enough to spell out Happy Birthday and the three extra that I added the faux grain sack lines.  Using my sewing machine I added a straight stitch around each with white thread to prevent the edges from fraying too much.
I used Samantha’s Par-tay Thyme font for the letters.  I typed them into Design Studio in 270 size keeping the letters spaced out on the mat.  I wanted large margins since I would be turning these into a stencil.
  Freezer paper, love this stuff!  I picked this up at Wal-Mart in the sandwich/trash bag aisle.  It has a paper finish on one side and on the other a shiny/waxy surface.  When ironed to fabric it creates a temporary bond.
I trimmed a piece of freezer paper to fit my mat (shiny side down) and used the vellum settings on the Silhouette to cut it out.
I set my iron to the Silk/Rayon setting and ironed each letter (shiny side down) onto the pendants.  The letters with inside pieces (like the center of the A) I carefully pulled them from the mat and after ironing on the outside carefully placed the insde in place and went back over the whole thing with the iron.
I was going for a aged look and used a little bit of acrylic blue paint over each of the stencils.  Once painted you can pull up the freezer paper and you are left with perfect letters on each of the banner pieces.
I placed silver grommets in the corners and strung it all on a long piece of jute.
I love how this simple banner turned out and am excited to hang it up for my grandmother’s birthday.  I know it will be a project that will be used next month and for years to come.
Happy Crafting, Nicole
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nicole, first i want to wish your grammy the happiest birthday ever! 8oth b-day is a great celebration. many more come to her.

an about your banner, i can’t say enough. i love you used the freezer paper (i never have yet) and how well all came together and looks beautiful.

thanks so much for the fab tut.

this technique will have to go on my to do list-

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