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How to Use SVG Files

Are you new to digital cutting?  No worries!  We are going to walk you through the process of cutting our SVG files.  It is quick, easy, and lots of fun!

Before we begin, make sure that you have connected your digital die cut machine to your computer, that you have installed the appropriate cutting software, and you have completed a test cut to ensure your machine if functioning correctly.  Also be sure that you are able to import SVG files into your software. You can do this by downloading a free file here and give it a trial run in your cutting machine software. (if you cannot determine if your software allows the import of SVG files, please contact the software manufacturer).

Once you have all that set, pick out the SVG file you would like to work with.  We are going to be using Samantha Walker’s Cruiser Bike.

There are a few ways that you can cut out your SVG file but we are going to show you what we have found to be the easiest for us.  So, let’s begin!

First you will want to open up your cutting software and import your SVG file.

Your SVG file will be grouped together upon your import and chances are you are going to want to cut the pieces with different colors of paper so we will need to “ungroup” the items.  However, before you “ungroup” the items make sure that you have everything sized as you would like it to ensure you keep the proportions in tack.

You can cut one piece at a time by selecting the image you want to cut and dragging it to your mat.   The images in the “non-active” space off the mat will not cut.

In the photo below, we will only be cutting the bike frame (in the white mat area).

You can also cut multiple shapes at once, which is what we prefer.  Your virtual cutting mat will mimic your actual (physical) cutting mat so you will need to position your cuts on your virtual mat where you would want to place your colored paper.  To find the size of paper you will need, you can count the mat squares (ours is sized at 1”) or you can click on the individual cuts to get the size.  In the photo above, the bike image is showing 5.705” x 7.785”.  Cut a 6” x 8” paper to fit over that area.  Continue counting/measuring each cut you have.  Your actual mat will have an arrow on it to match your virtual mat.  You need to ensure that they are pointing in the same direction before placing the papers on your actual mat.

For the image above, our physical mat looks like this…

Continue cutting until you have all the pieces you want to work with.

After you have made all your cuts, begin layering your file with your desired pieces.

The fun part is you can make your cuts basic or as detailed as you want them!  With one SVG file you can get so many different looks!  For example, here are some of the variations that you can build with Samantha Walker’s Cruiser Bike:

Here we have built the bike with the two baskets and the bike bag!

You can add details to the pieces with colored pencils, ink, or markers.  In the photo below we are adding lines to both of the basket pieces.

You can also add in highlights using a white gel pen or marker.

Here is our completed Cruiser Bike!

That’s it!  We told you it was fast and easy and the possibilities are endless!


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